Sakira Mirabella

Sakira Mirabella

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Creative stylling theme BRIDE

Wedding Dress

Thank You Ms Vicky Yoshikawa for winning being our judge tonight and congratulation to our 3 winners.

Winner: Sakira Mirabella
2nd: Blossom Mistwood
3rd:Aisha Ormega

Winner:Hello everyone
My name is Sakira Mirabella and todays Styling Theme is Bride.

Sweet memories popping up of my was really an adventure to come at this point and wear
the wedding dress. First time that my love asked me to marry him....I passed out! Yes!!!
The second time things have gone better...I just was speachless! Finally he had to be creative
so I will not be scared and he gave me  this....
Of course I said ~ I  DO ~
Since the proposal was pink I decided my wedding dress to be pink mixed with white touches.
Gown from Bliss couture
shape by me
hair from Plume
eyes from EDDESIGN
eyelashes from REDGRAVE
earings Milady's star rain
ring from Plume
shoes from Viviane fashion
bouquet from Vivians Artizar

Thank you very much  Anrol and Steve, CWS, judge Vicky Yoshikawa and our 
announcer   lisana Rossen.
And of course our audience for joining us here. I hope you all have fun.

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